I See Problem-Solving - UKS2

The eBook I See Problem-Solving - UKS2 helps all children to learn how to solve multi-step maths questions. Questions are broken down step-by-step and represented visually to build understanding, whilst extension tasks and reasoning prompts allow children to explore ideas at greater depth. The ultimate resource for teaching problem-solving in Y5/6!


I See Problem-Solving - UKS2 Sample provides 5 free sample tasks. For each task there is a main question, a support prompt and explain and extend features to deepen the challenge. The worked examples model the solutions to the main tasks step-by-step - download below for free. The 58 tasks span all areas of the UKS2 maths curriculum. The purchase price is £30 (£25 + £5 VAT) for the PDF digital download.

I See Problem-Solving - UKS2: Worked Examples (PowerPoint)

I See Problem-Solving - UKS2: Worked Examples (PDF)

In these blogs I explain how the task prompts provide extra scaffold to give children additional help, and how extra layers of challenge can be added. Each task starts with a main question, like the examples below:

The cafe task
Isosc tri task

Children can use the support prompt if they need some extra help to answer the main question. The support prompt may give a suggested starting point, represent the question visually or address a possible misconception. It helps children to understand and access the task. Here are the support prompts for the above examples:

The cafe support
Isosc tri support

The explain features then provide an opportunity for children to reason based on the initial task. Prompts may ask children to explain a mistake, spot a pattern or make a link with a similar question. Children have to explain their opinion, deepening their understanding of the main question.

The cafe explain
Isosc tri explain

The extend feature gives a more challenging, related question for the children to solve. The mathematical structure of these tasks are similar to the initial prompt, usually with one added layer of complexity. Extend tasks may require children to make a generalisation, think laterally or find all possible answers to a question.

The cafe extend
Isosc tri extend

The 58 tasks of I See Problem-Solving - UKS2 cover all areas of the UKS2 curriculum. It corresponds to US grade 4&5 and Australian school years 5&6. The sale price is £30. When ordered, the PDF file is emailed direct to your inbox for your use.

To purchase, click on the link below. If you need assistance ordering, please read the Frequently Asked Questions below or email iseemaths@hotmail.com.