I See Problem-Solving - Y2

The eBook I See Problem-Solving - Y2 gives coherent sequences of mathematical problem-solving tasks to build understanding and deepen learning. The initial tasks in each 'task family', with visual representations, allow children to build confidence and practice key skills. Then the challenges are opened up and extended! The ultimate resource for building children as problem-solvers.

The purchase price is £30 (which includes VAT) for the PDF digital download. I See Problem-Solving - Y2 Sample provides 3 free sample task families for you to try out.

For each 'task family', the Task Build-Up examples introduce children to the format of the activities and help to build the key skills step-by-step. Children are able to practice these skills using the introductory tasks in each task family. Visual representations are used and misconceptions are addressed. Then, the tasks become progressively more open and extended. This will ensure that all children are both supported and challenged. It will give all children the excitement of engaging in rich problem-solving!

The 28 Task Families of I See Problem-Solving - Y2, written by Gareth Metcalfe, cover all areas of the English mathematics curriculum. This corresponds to US Grade 1. To purchase, click on the link below. If you need any assistance with ordering, please email iseemaths@hotmail.com.

Online Training: Inspiring Mathematical Thinking Using I See Problem-Solving - Y2

You can access the recording of this 60-minute online training session by emailing iseemaths@hotmail.com stating the name of your school and the number of people who will view the recording. The cost is £15+VAT per person. This video gives an overview of the session: