I See Reasoning - KS1

The eBook I See Reasoning - KS1 gives 281 thought-provoking images and questions linked to all areas of the KS1 maths curriculum. Tasks help to build children's conceptual understanding, promoting non-counting calculation and providing opportunities for reasoning and talk. There are rich tasks for deepening learning every day!

I See Reasoning - KS1 Addition is a free sample section from the resource. Visual prompts help children to see likely mistakes, notice similarities between questions and develop new strategies for calculating. Techniques such as Read the Pictures, Explain the Mistakes and Which Answer? draw attention to key learning points and help to generate focused talk. For order enquiries, please read the Frequently Asked Questions.

Different ways
Explain mistakes
Change the order

There are prompts that open up mathematical investigations, for example the Different Ways tasks. True or False? questions draw children's attention to key differences between correct and incorrect responses. There are also different question types that are specific to particular areas of the curriculum, like the Missing Hand questions in the time section. There are answers too!

True or false 2
Missing hand
Read the picture

I See Reasoning - KS1 Addition gives a free copy of one of the sections from the resource. Please use and share it!

The 281 tasks of I See Reasoning - KS1 cover all areas of the Year 1&2 mathematics curriculum. There are many other question types that display maths concepts visually, including the use of bar models. All of the tasks encourage meaningful mathematical talk and challenge children to apply their understanding flexibly. This helps pupils to develop mastery in KS1 mathematics.

I See Reasoning - KS1 corresponds to US grade levels K and grade 1, and Australian school years 1&2. The sale price is £15 When ordered, the PDF file is emailed direct to your inbox for your use. To purchase, click on the link below: