Games and Resources

The games and resources below help children to develop a strong 'number feel' and develop efficient calculation strategies. A range of visual representations are used. The games are simple and enjoyable to play!

Connect 4

The connect 4 games are played in pairs. Take turns to roll two dice: either find the sum or the difference of the numbers on the dice and choose the number to cross off. The winner is the first person to connect 4 boxes. This game improves calculation fluency and also develops strategic thinking!

Sum Connect 4Roll two dice; cross off a number that is the sum.
Difference Connect 4Roll two dice; cross off a number that is the difference.
Sum or Difference Connect 4Roll two dice; cross off a number that is the sum or difference.
Sum Connect 4 (4 to 9 dice)Give children two dice with numbers 4 to 9 on each face. Roll the dice; cross off the number that is the sum.

Number Bond Dice Games

For this activity children roll a dice and colour in the number of circles on the dice. Then they colour in the other part. Children then write down the two parts that the whole number is broken into.

Make 6Helping children to learn number bonds to 6.
Make 7Helping children to learn number bonds to 7.
Make 8Helping children to learn number bonds to 8.
Make 9Helping children to learn number bonds to 9.
Make 10Helping children to learn number bonds to 10.

How Close to 100?

How Close to 100? is a two-player Youcubed game. Click here for How Close to 100 Grids. On your turn, you roll 2 dice to generate the side lengths of a rectangle. Draw your rectangle on the grid of 100 squares. Take turns doing this. How many of the 100 squares can you fill in?

Doubles Cards

The Doubles Cards show doubles up to 20 within 10-frames, helping children to visualise these number facts. The cards need to be cut out. Turn over one card at a time and the children say the double fact shown on the card.

Bordering 10 Cards

The bordering 10 cards help children to see how single-digit numbers are broken down for addition calculations that border 10.

Fractions Cards

The Fractions Cards can be printed and used to compare fractions, show equivalence and model adding and subtracting fractions.

Factors and Multiples Game

The Factors and Multiples grids can be used to play: there are 1-24, 1-40 and 1-50 grids. Use the Factors and Multiples Next Move grids to think about the best next move. This will allow you to model to children the process of thinking a few moves ahead. 

Multiplication Number Lines

Subitizing to Border 10 Games

Children say how many dots they see on two 10-frames. In doing so, they learn strategies for adding single-digit numbers!

Multiplication and Division Grids

The Multiplication and Division Grids can be used to allow children to explore multiplicative relationships. I explain how they can be used in my CPD!

Big Ideas Guidance

The Big Ideas of Mathematics outline the key ideas that underpin long-term understanding and success in mathematics.

I See Reasoning Sample, Calculation

Subitizing Game Templates Folder