Online Teacher Training

Online training enables teachers to access high quality CPD from Gareth Metcalfe, putting reasoning and problem-solving at the heart of a vibrant maths curriculum.

G Online Training

New Training Videos Coming for September 2021!

I offer bespoke online training events with schools and organisations. Training sessions for individual schools cost £325+VAT and training days cost £545+VAT. To arrange an event, or if you have any questions, please email

You can also access recordings of training sessions. Each 90-minute session can be viewed for £15+VAT per participant or £10+VAT per person for schools with 10+ participants. To access the training, email stating the sessions that you wish to view - the links to the recordings will be emailed through to you with an invoice. These videos explain the content for each course in detail:

Using I See Reasoning - Y3 and Y4 to Deepen Mathematical Reasoning

Early Number Sense, EYFS & Y1

Using I See Reasoning - Y5 and Y6 to Deepen Mathematical Reasoning

Fluency in Calculation, Y1-Y3

Reasoning in KS2 Maths Session 1: Fractions

Reasoning in KS2 Maths Session 2: Multiplication and Division

Building KS2 Problem-Solvers Session 1

Building KS2 Problem-Solvers Session 2

Building KS2 Problem-Solvers Session 3