I See Reasoning Y4

The eBook I See Reasoning Y4 gives a wide range of thought-provoking questions and tasks linked to all areas of the Y4 maths curriculum. It’s the ultimate resource for building children's conceptual understanding and providing rich, varied mathematical challenges!

There are Zoom online training sessions on Wednesday 24th March, 4pm-5pm and Tuesday 25th May, 4pm-5pm to show how to get the most out of the I See Reasoning - Y3 and I See Reasoning - Y4 eBooks. The cost is £20. Sign up now!

I See Reasoning Y4 Division is a free copy of the Division and the Multiplication and Division sections of the resource. There are a range of prompts here for representing division calculation, spotting patterns and then extending the challenge. Please share it widely!

In each section of the eBook, tasks like Explore or Read the Picture give opportunities to represent ideas practically and understand visual representations. Understanding is built using Explain the Mistakes or Which Answer? prompts. Then there are a range of questions that will help children to see patterns, show their creativity or deepen their thinking. These questions include Small Difference Questions, Explain tasks How Many Ways? challenges.

The 468 tasks of I See Reasoning Y4 cover all areas of the Y4 mathematics curriculum. It corresponds to US Grade 3 and Australian Year 4. The sale price is £24.98. When ordered, the PDF file is emailed direct to your inbox for your use. To view all current I See Maths digital products, click on the link below:

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