INSET and Twilight Training

I am currently running bespoke online training events with schools and organisations. Training sessions cost £345+VAT. Training days cost £545+VAT. To arrange an online event, or if you have any questions, please email

INSET and twilight training, run by Gareth Metcalfe, gives teachers the knowledge, ideas and resources to build a rich, effective 'mastery' maths curriculum. Training is interactive, grounded in educational research and highly practical. Sessions are planned in consultation with school leaders to meet the specific needs of the school, usually being built around the following aspects of maths teaching:

Understanding in early number - being aware of the key concepts for children to understand to become fluent with number. Through the use of visual models and practical experiences, we see how children progress from a reliance on counting strategies to becoming able to calculate and reason mathematically.

Planning for mastery - looking at how to plan sequences of lessons keeping to the principles of mastery teaching and learning. The use of pre-teaching, assessment and differentiation are discussed.

Building understanding using models and images - children's conceptual understanding is strengthened when mathematical ideas are represented practically and visually. We explore how concrete and pictorial representations can be used across the curriculum in all year groups. This includes the use of Numicon, bar modelling and visual questioning.

Deepening learning experiences - maths is a creative subject, and mathematical ideas can be explored and represented in many ways. By sharing a range of questions, ideas and resources, training gives teachers the tools to deepen maths learning on a day-to-day basis.

Teaching problem-solving - we explore how breaking problems down into stages, teaching related questions together and using models and images can enable children to grow into effective problem-solvers. A range of resources, ideas and lesson examples are shared.


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