I See Problem-Solving - LKS2

The eBook I See Problem-Solving - LKS2 helps to break down problem-solving for all children. Build-up tasks, support prompts and worked examples enable children to develop understanding. There are also a range of extension tasks and reasoning prompts that allow children to explore ideas at greater depth. The ultimate resource for teaching problem-solving in Y3/4!

I See Problem-Solving - LKS2 Sample provides 5 free sample tasks. Most tasks have a build task, main question, a support prompt and explain and extend features to deepen the challenge. There are sometimes practise questions too. The worked examples model the solutions to the main tasks step-by-step - download below for free. The 54 tasks span all areas of the LKS2 maths curriculum. The purchase price is £30 (£25 + £5 VAT) for the PDF digital download.

I See Problem-Solving - LKS2 Worked Examples (PowerPoint)

I See Problem-Solving - LKS2 Worked Examples (PDF)

Each task starts with a build prompt to introduce the key concepts, generate discussion and activate prior learning. Here are two example build tasks: 

Build PV
Build scales

Now the children are ready for the main task. Often, complex mathematical concepts are explored with relatively small numbers. For many tasks there are multiple possible answers: some children will work to find an answer, whereas for others the challenge is knowing that they have found all possible answers. Here are two examples of the task prompt:

Task mult 2
Task shape 2

Some children will need extra guidance to help them to complete a task. They can access the support prompt, which may give a useful visual representation or it might focus children's thinking on one particular aspect of the question, leading them to the key thought process. This allows children to access help whilst maintaining a feeling of independence. 

Support consecutive
Support x tables

Each task also has a range of explain and extend tasks to allow children to explore the same ideas at greater depth. Children will need to find multiple answers, explain their thinking fully or apply their knowledge in a new way. These prompts step up the challenge and really deepen the thinking!

Explain fraction 2
Extend graph 2

The 54 tasks of I See Problem-Solving - LKS2 cover all areas of the LKS2 curriculum (children aged 7-9). The sale price is £30. When ordered, the PDF file is emailed direct to your inbox for your use.

To purchase, click on the link below. If you need assistance ordering, please read the Frequently Asked Questions below or email iseemaths@hotmail.com.