Inspiring a deep, flexible understanding of mathematics through rich, diverse learning experiences.

I See Maths deepens children's mathematical experiences. Resources and training make learning visual and deep, helping children to build understanding through a range of purposefully sequenced learning experiences. The I See Maths resources provide a range of opportunities for children to deepen their understanding, applying their skills flexibly in a range of contexts.

I See Maths allows teachers to put problem-solving at the heart of the mathematics curriculum. Training shows how children can learn to understand the deep structure of different problem-solving tasks and how children can make connections between different problem-solving experiences. Using the I See Maths resources, teachers can immerse children in a wide range of exciting, thought-provoking challenges. 

NCETM-accredited training events, led by Gareth Metcalfe, give teachers the knowledge, skills and resources to deepen and personalise the mathematics curriculum. Training focuses on showing concepts visually, breaking learning down into small, purposefully sequenced steps and providing children with extended, challenging learning experiences.

Gareth has been teaching since 2004 and is a former Assistant Headteacher. Currently he is working in a range of schools, teaching classes from Nursery-Y6, helping schools to put reasoning and problem-solving at the heart of learning. I See Maths enables children to be intellectually and emotionally engaged by mathematics. 

We hope that I See Maths helps you to build an effective, inspiring maths curriculum.

Gareth Metcalfe