Mini-CPD Videos

Each short video gives ideas for how to build reasoning and problem-solving into day-to-day lessons. There are ideas for how to deepen thinking across the maths curriculum. Please share the videos widely!

This 90-second video shows how a 2022 Y6 SATS question can be broken down using the 'slow reveal' technique, focusing children's thinking on key thought processes.

This video shows the journey of a child in building her understanding of 'how many combinations' questions and challenges. It shows how children can explore rich mathematics and how we can focus their attention on specific aspects of problem-solving.

This video shows different ways that thinking can be deepened in coordinates, including the use of estimates and different reasoning challenges.

This video gives different techniques for reasoning within data handling in Y2, including the use of a slow reveal prompt.

This video gives a range of ideas to help children to think about the meaning of different graphs, including where children match the heading to the appropriate graph.

This is an extract of an online training video, focusing on how to break down a multi-step word question. We see how to focus thinking on key points and make connections between related challenges.

This extract from an online training video explores how to develop children as problem-solvers. We see how to introduce and then extend a problem-solving task from I See Problem-Solving - UKS2.