Deconstructing Word Questions - Y6

The eBook Deconstructing Word Questions - Y6 supports all children to understand and break down multi-step word questions. Visual representations show the structure of questions and children are helped to use bar models in their answers. Challenge is built coherently by the task families, ensuring understanding is built step-by-step. Then, there are lots of thought-provoking, rich tasks. Deconstructing Word Questions - Y6 will support and extend all children!

Decon QW 6

This video gives an overview of the resource:

To try the resource for free, download the More Than, Less Than Tasks and the More Than, Less Than Task Build-Up.

The resource has two parts: the Task Build-Up is used by the teacher in their interactive class teaching to introduce the different question types. This can be downloaded from the links on the resource. Then, there are a sequence of tasks, which progress in challenge. 

The resource is comprised of 20 task families, which cover all areas of the Y6 maths curriculum.


These videos give a more detailed overview of the resource:

If you have any questions about the resource, please email