Maths Outside The Box

The intriguing tasks of Maths Outside The Box allow children in KS2 to explore mathematical ideas in real depth. The 15 tasks, set in varied contexts, challenge children to apply their understanding of mathematics in a range of non-standard ways.

There are mind-bending logic puzzles, extended number challenges, multi-strand data tasks and open-ended investigations. Children will be measuring body parts, calculating running speeds, finding treasure codes and making important family decisions! Maths Outside The Box will thrill and inspire. It costs £20 for a pack of 15 tasks.

Maths Outside The Box
Rocchi Treasure
Coin Conundrum

There are a range of logic puzzles and number challenges, like the Rocchi Family Jewels task and The Coin Conundrum. Children will have to work systematically and creatively to find the solutions!

There are extended data tasks like Can We Have a Dog? where children use all the information to make suggestions and propose solutions. There are also investigation tasks like The Tournament Plan task.

Can We Have a Dog?
Tournament Plan

Trial a free Maths Outside the Box task: The Treasure Box - you may also need The Treasure Box Answers!

To order a copy of Maths Outside the Box please email with a purchase order. An invoice will be emailed and the resource will be posted to the school. Maths Outside the Box costs £20, which includes VAT.