The Maths Apprenticeship


The Maths Apprenticeship will excite, challenge and inspire your upper KS2 mathematicians.


The eleven tasks, each set in different contexts, provide wide-ranging mathematical challenges. Participants use their mathematical, organisational and social skills to respond to the unique demands of each task.


In doing so children will be able to see the relevance of mathematics to the modern world, whilst creating memories that will last a lifetime!

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The tasks are varied and highly engaging. Children will be designing activity centres, writing MI5 security codes, ordering stock for a market stall and analysing Premier League football data.


Ideally tasks are completed in teams of three. Children learn to carry out extended calculations, organise tasks and effectively communicate their ideas.

TMA Tasks

The tasks are delivered on USB sticks. Each group has their own memory stick which contains the task prompts. Children can complete and save their work onto this stick.


There is a separate teachers' USB with guidance for each task and a range of printable certificates.