I See Multiplication and Division

I See Multiplication and Division is an iPad app that makes a range of visual representations for multiplication and division. The images, which can be easily adapted, help children to develop a conceptual understanding of these calculations. It also saves time in preparing lessons!

The app allows users to make proportionally sized bar models for both operations; arrays that can be grouped or highlighted in different colours; dot patterns to show UxU or UxUxU; the area model feature shows TUxTU calculations.

I See Multiplication and Division
Division Bar

The Singapore Bar feature makes proportionately sized bar models for multiplication and division. All numbers can be hidden or revealed to get children thinking about the value of each section.

Array 2 Colours
Array 2 Colours Half
Array Circle Columns

Arrays can be created and adapted in a range of ways. For example, the colour of rows/columns can be adjusted to show a multiplication in two sections. Also, columns/rows can be circled to show multiplication as repeated addition.

Dot Pattern
Dot Pattern Dice
Area Model

Irregular dot patterns can be created (the number sentence can be hidden) - how quickly can children calculate the number of dots? What is the number sentence? Also, proportionately sized area models can be created.