First Class Maths

The 24 tasks of First Class Maths will challenge and inspire the most able children in Upper KS2. Its wide-ranging, quirky challenges provoke children to think creatively, synthesise different areas of mathematical understanding and reason at a deep level.


The challenges, all set in varied contexts, include data-handling tasks, mind-bending logic puzzles and questions requiring extended calculation. The tasks will arouse curiosity, spark debate and lead to rich, stimulating learning experiences. 

FCM Cover

Puzzles like The Jewellery Case develop reasoning skills; tasks such as The Treasure Code get children applying their understanding of different concepts; challenges like The Lifeguard's Puzzle are extended, unconventional contexts for calculation.

Swimming Pool
Words of Wisdom

The Words of Wisdom task is about matching a well-known phrase to each graph. Can you think of a phrase for each of these examples?


Each of the cards comes with a useful hint, a helpful example, an extension task or an interesting fact.

Click on The Treasure Code to try out a free sample task. Here are The Treasure Code Answers. Enjoy!

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