EYFS Application Tasks

Task 1 Video

Task 1: Consider how challenge can be built within children's counting experiences in EYFS, with an emphasis on developing an understanding of quantity.

Task 2: read this article, which explains the importance of children's finger discrimination skills, and this article which explains the different concepts that fingers can develop. Here are some Finger Discrimination tasks by Youcubed.

Task 3 Video

Task 3: The Progression in Pattern document maps out how children's understanding of pattern can be deepened. Consider children's experiences of creating patterns in the EYFS provision.

Task 4: Consider how the subitizing cards, subitizing games and part-whole cards from the Early Number Sense resources can be used to develop children's fluency with small quantities. Also, think about how the Number Foundations Assessment can be used to assess children's early number or identify specific teaching points.

Task 5: The NCTM article Double Impact: Mathematics and Executive Function explains how children can learn to order numbers and count on using number cards. It also explains how the activity extends children's executive function, which is important for their long-term mathematical success. The Count On Races game, played by an adult and a child, also helps children learn to count on mentally. A coin or a dice with 1 or 2 on each face is used. Children say the next number when counting on. For example, when starting from 7, for a jump of 2 we say '8,9'.