Maths is a creative, challenging and exciting subject - a subject which can frustrate and delight, and which can be explored in almost limitless depth. Maths teaches us to be patient and to persevere; it also gives us the thrill of making new discoveries and connections.

I See Maths helps children to experience maths in this way. Its resources and ideas make learning visual and deep, but also exciting and intriguing - tasks that can set children's pulses racing and create powerful memories.

My practical training helps to give teachers the knowledge, skills and resources to transform this vision into a classroom reality. Training focuses on improving children's attitudes to maths, showing concepts visually and providing children with extended, challenging learning experiences.

I'm a teaching Assistant Head, so the ideas for I See Maths are all born and trialled in my own classroom. I still enjoy the challenge of teaching my own class! My training is accredited as holding the NCETM CPD Standard. 

I hope that I See Maths helps you to build an effective, inspiring maths curriculum.

Gareth Metcalfe