Maths is a creative, challenging and exciting subject - a subject which can frustrate and delight, and which can be explored in almost limitless depth. Maths teaches us to be patient and to persevere; it also gives us the thrill of making new discoveries and connections.

I See Maths helps children to understand maths and experience it's richness. Resources and training make learning visual and deep, helping children to build conceptual understanding through carefully designed instruction. I also promote a range of ideas for deepening children's mathematical understanding, applying skills with great flexibility.

My practical training helps to give teachers the knowledge, skills and resources to transform this vision into a classroom reality. Training focuses on showing concepts visually, breaking learning down into small, purposefully sequenced steps and providing children with extended, challenging learning experiences.

I've been teaching since 2004 and am an experienced Assistant Headteacher. Currently I am working in a range of schools, teaching classes from Nursery-Y6 and supporting the implementation of a mastery curriculum. I love the challenge of teaching! My training is accredited by the NCETM: I hold the NCETM CPD Standard for in-school support and maths training. 

I hope that I See Maths helps you to build an effective, inspiring maths curriculum.

Gareth Metcalfe