Logic Squares

Strategic thinking and flexible calculation are needed for the addictive iPad app Logic Squares. The 25 levels, which increase in complexity, help children to learn number concepts in a fun, non-threatening way.


As the challenge increases, children's understanding of key mathematical ideas will deepen. Players become familiar with different operations and number signs, find creative solutions and think logically about the order to complete calculations. A great way to explore maths!  


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To complete a level, numbers from underneath are positioned on the grid until each line is correct. Players need to use the numbers wisely so they don't run out of the numbers that they need for the final calculation!


When the player clicks 'check' any mistakes are highlighted in red so corrections can be made.

Levels 16-25 use larger grids and become increasingly complex. Numbers have to be positioned strategically, with careful thought given to the order that lines are completed.


Here are three sample levels if you want to try Logic Squares.