Quantity Cards

This page gives a range of free resources that will help children to recognise quantities that are shown in different ways. By playing games and doing activities using the cards, children will develop a powerful 'feel' for the size of different numbers.

A range of ideas for how the cards can be used are shared on training events. The tally cards, 10-frame cards, finger cards and dot pattern cards are all the same size so quantity games can be played using a mix of these cards.

Teens and Tens Base-10 Cards show the structure of teen numbers using 10 rods. The Ten Frame Teens and Tens Cards show teen numbers using 10-frames.

Dot Patterns 1,2,3 show quantities 1-3 in regular and irregular dot patterns.

Dot Patterns 4,5,6 show quantities 4-6 in regular and irregular dot patterns.

Dot Patterns 7,8,9 show quantities 7-10 in regular dot patterns with two parts.

Tally Cards show quantities 1-10 as tallies.

10-Frame Cards show quantities 1-10 on 10-frames.

Finger Cards show numbers 1-10 represented with fingers.

Doubles Cards represent doubles facts within 20 using 10-frames.

Multiplication Cards show multiplication facts using dice patterns.

Quantity Cards