St Michael's RC Primary Maths INSET

19th April 2021

Welcome the the St Michael's Maths INSET day, hosted by Gareth Metcalfe. To join the session, use the link below:

Session 1, 9:00 - 10:00, all:

In this session, we will introduce a consistent whole-school approach to the teaching and learning of mathematical problem-solving. A focus will be placed on all children being able to understand and explain the structure of different questions. We will also look at ways to develop reasoning within daily maths lessons. 

Session 2, 10:20 - 11:40, EYFS & KS1:

In this session we will see how children develop a strong, flexible understanding of number. We will also discuss how we can develop the children's spatial reasoning and problem-solving skills through a range of practical experiences. Different strategies for introducing and developing mathematical talk will also be shared.


Session 3, 12:40 - 2:00, KS2:

In this session, we will explore a range of techniques for developing mathematical reasoning and helping children to spot patterns. We will explore how problem-solving skills can be developed through effective modelling, enabling children to have rich mathematical conversations.

Session 4, 2:20 - 2:40, all:

Sharing outcomes, planning implementation and identifying further CPD needs.


Number Foundations Assessment

Rosenshine's Principles of Instruction

St Michael's Maths Presentation

KS2 Independent Tasks

EYFS/KS1 Application Tasks