Online Parent Sessions

Book in to one of the online maths training sessions for parents. I want all parents to have the knowledge and ideas to help children learn to love mathematics!

G Online Training

As parents, we are able to profoundly influence the attitudes that children have towards maths. We can also help children to build the knowledge and skills to become strong, enthusiastic mathematicians! This series of online workshops will help to show how parents can support children at home. Sessions are run on Zoom. This video explains how to join a Zoom meeting.

Parent Session: Early Number Sense

Tuesday 14th April       8pm-9pm       £5

Outline: This session will help to show how children develop a strong understanding of number. A range of practical ideas and games will be shared for building 'number sense'. We look at how these skills can then be developed through KS1. This will help your children to love doing maths!

Parent Session: Helping Children to Calculate, Y2-Y6

Wednesday 15th April       8pm-9pm       £5

Outline: This session will show parents how to help children in Y2-Y6 to do mental and written calculations. We will look at the different skills and number knowledge that children need to build. We will also look at the different methods that children learn in each year group. A range of practical ideas and resources will be shared!

Parent Session: Deepening Maths Thinking

Thursday 16th April       8pm-9pm       £5

Outline: Research shows that the best way to extend children is to deepen their understanding, not to move them onto 'maths for older children'. In this session we will look at how this can be done, extending children's reasoning and problem-solving skills. A range of ideas and resources will be shared. Perfect for engaging children in meaningful maths challenges!

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