I See Reasoning - UKS2

The eBook I See Reasoning - UKS2 gives a wide range of open, thought-provoking questions and tasks linked to all areas of the UKS2 maths curriculum. This is the ultimate tool for building children's conceptual understanding of mathematics and developing reasoning. An everyday resource for deepening learning!

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I See Reasoning - UKS2 Multiplication is a free sample section from the resource. There are visual task prompts that help children to grasp key ideas, such as Which picture? and Explain the mistakes examples. The I know... so... questions allow children to use their current knowledge to answer related questions. Key learning points are broken down so children can focus on specific mathematical ideas. For order enquiries, please read the Frequently Asked Questions.

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There are a multitude of question types which provide open contexts for discussion and investigation. An emphasis is placed on children applying their understanding flexibly, finding different ways to approach tasks and being creative. For example, children have to work systematically to find all the possible solutions for the How many ways? challenges.

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I See Reasoning - UKS2 Multiplication is a free copy of one of the 19 sections from the resource. Please use and share it!

The 176 tasks of I See Reasoning - UKS2 cover all areas of the UKS2 mathematics curriculum. There are many other question types: Rank by difficulty gets children talking about the difficult parts of a question; Explore gives open-ended contexts for exploration; Broken calculator encourages new calculation methods.

I See Reasoning - UKS2 corresponds to US grade levels 4&5 and Australian school years 5&6. The sale price is £14.99. When ordered, the PDF file is emailed direct to your inbox for your use. To purchase, click on the link below: