Online Teacher Training

Online training enables teachers to access high quality CPD from Gareth Metcalfe, putting reasoning and problem-solving at the heart of a vibrant maths curriculum.

G Online Training

Ongoing sessions will explore an evidence-based approach to building a rich, coherent maths curriculum. All sessions, which are run on Zoom, give lots of practical, accessible ideas. Sessions are recorded and can be viewed by signed-up participants afterwards. The Frequently Asked Questions page answer most logistical questions, including details of the discounts that are available for schools who wish to book multiple places and pay by invoice. 

Building Problem-Solvers, Session 1

17th and 18th June     1 hour 30 mins     £15

Outline: This session will show how teachers can put problem-solving at the heart of the maths curriculum. We will look at how problem-solving can be made accessible, helping children to understand the deep structure of different tasks. We will introduce 'numberless' questions for focusing children's thinking on key structures and examples will be shared of how questions can be made more open by reducing the amount of information provided. Then we will explore how simple adaptions can be made to questions and tasks to give children the opportunity to work at greater depth. This is the first in a series of three sessions.

Fluency in Addition and Subtraction

Year 1 - Year 3

22nd and 23rd June     1 hour 30 mins     £15

Outline: In this session, ideal for teachers and teaching assistants, we will break down the knowledge and skills that children need to build in order to be able to add and subtract using efficient written and mental methods. The main emphasis is placed on how children develop a secure understanding of addition and subtraction within 20. We will look at the consistent use of equipment and visual representations and how they can be used to build conceptual understanding. We will also look at how different calculation methods can be introduced, helping all children to understand key ideas. This session is ideal for teachers and teaching assistants.